Special Services

These sermons are from special services that revolve around the calendar year.

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New Year’s Eve
 (Every Year) A Display of Man’s Ignorance

Good Friday 
The Testimony of Jesus’ Death
Easter Sunday  Seeing and Believing the Resurrected Lord
Prayer Day  Sowing and Reaping
Ascension Day The Ascended Lord Gives Gifts to His Church
Pentecost Sunday The Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit
Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Instructions for God’s People
Christmas Day The Hosts of Heaven Worship at the Arrival of the Saviour
New Year’s Eve  How the Troubles of the Past Year Relate to the God of Eternity

New Year’s Day Redeeming the Time
Prayer Day The Greatness of God’s Provision for His People amongst the Nations
Good Friday The Last Words of Our Dying Saviour
Easter Sunday A Post-Resurrection Education
Ascension Day Despite Christ’s Absence from Us, We Can Still Be Saved by Him
Thanksgiving Day Why Man Should Thank God
Christmas Day God’s Gracious Testimony Revealed in the Birth of His Son
New Year’s Eve God Promises that a Better Country Awaits

Good Friday 
The Suffering Servant Comes: His Calling
Easter Sunday  Truth (and Lies) about the Resurrection of Christ
Ascension Day An Old Testament Perspective on the Ascension of Christ
Thanksgiving Day Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Christmas Day The First Recipients of the Divine Birth Announcement
New Year’s Eve Jesus Christ Is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

New Year’s Day Wide Awake
Good Friday  The Covenant of Grace Was Confirmed by the Death of Christ
Easter Sunday The Benefits of Christ’s Resurrection
Ascension Day Jesus Prepares His Disciples for Their Work after His Ascension (Mr. Pete Van’t Hoff)

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