Heidelberg Catechism Series

This series, from 2010-2011, is based upon the Heidelberg Catechism, one of our creedal documents. To listen to our current series on the Catechism, please click here.

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Lord’s Day 1 We Are the Lord’s
Lord’s Day 2 The Tell-Tale Heart: A Witness to Man’s Evil Nature
Lord’s Day 3 God Tells His People about Sin’s Global Domination
Lord’s Day 4 God’s People Are Called to Confess His Infallible Justice
Lord’s Day 5 The War of Redemption
Lord’s Day 6 One Mediator
Lord’s Day 7 True Faith Is Gospel Wrought
Lord’s Day 8 The Existence and Activity of the Holy Spirit Is Sufficient Proof of the Trinity
Lord’s Day 9 The Importance of the Doctrine of Creation to Christian Theology
Lord’s Day 10 The Providence of God in the Lives of His People
Lord’s Day 11 The Fullness of God’s Grace Is Only Found in Jesus
Lord’s Day 12 Christians as Prophets in Their Confession of Christ
Lord’s Day 13 Jesus: Our Brother and Lord (Rev. Ralph Pontier)
Lord’s Day 14 God’s Promises to the House of David
Lord’s Day 15 Jesus’ Suffering under the Judge
Lord’s Day 16 He Descended into… Hell?
Lord’s Day 17 Both Death and Life Are Found in Man
Lord’s Day 18 Jesus Christ, Our Ascended Advocate
Lord’s Day 19 The Seated Christ
Lord’s Day 20 The Blessing of the Spirit for the Children of Israel
Lord’s Day 21 The Blessings of the Communion of the Saints
Lord’s Day 22 Jesus’ Prayer Reveals the Purpose of ‘the Life Everlasting
Lord’s Day 23 The Way of Escape from God’s Condemnation Has Been Opened to All in His Son
Lord’s Day 24 True Faith Bears Much Fruit
Lord’s Day 25 The Sacraments of Christ
Lord’s Day 26 A Fountain for Our Sin
Lord’s Day 27 The Importance of Baptism to the Life of the Church
Lord’s Day 28 God Is Our Strength
Lord’s Day 29 Christ, Our Passover
Lord’s Day 30 Christ Has Put Away Sin Once and for All
Lord’s Day 31 Keys of the Kingdom (Rev. Ralph Pontier) 
Lord’s Day 32 Glorify God with Your Whole Life
Lord’s Day 33 Godly Hate Manifests Itself against Sin
Lord’s Day 34 The Divine Perfection of the Twofold Law
Lord’s Day 35 The True Worship of God Requires Rigorous Attention to His Holiness
Lord’s Day 36 What the Saints Are Saying about Their God (I): The God Who Hears
Lord’s Day 37 What the Saints Are Saying about Their God (II): The God Who Gives
Lord’s Day 38 The Sabbath Ministry of Christ’s Church
Lord’s Day 39 The Value of Wisdom-Filled, Parental Instruction
Lord’s Day 40 Our Reasonable Service to Our Worldly Neighbours
Lord’s Day 41 Seeking Purity in an Impure Age
Lord’s Day 42 Christ-Like Labouring for Others
Lord’s Day 43 The Agony of Deceit! (Rev. Mitchell Ramkissoon)
Lord’s Day 44 The Contentment of the Saints
Lord’s Day 45 Prayer is Necessary for Christians
Lord’s Day 46 Our Prayers Must Ascend to God
Lord’s Day 47 A People to Hallow God’s Name
Lord’s Day 48 The Kingdom of the God of Peace
Lord’s Day 49 How God Makes His Will and Our Will One
Lord’s Day 50 All Good Things Are from God
Lord’s Day 51 There Is “No Condemnation” for Those Who Are in Christ Jesus
Lord’s Day 52 The Battleground of Temptation