Blessings and Curses Series

This sermon series follows the themes of blessings and curses throughout the scripture. 

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Genesis 1:22-2:4 God’s Blessings upon His Good Creation
Genesis 3:14-19 God’s Curses upon His Rebellious Creatures
Genesis 12:1-3 God’s Blessings to Father Abraham
Genesis 32:24-32 Jacob Encounter’s God’s Blessing
Numbers 6:22-27 God’s Blessing for His Consecrated People
Numbers 23:7-10,18-24 God Turns a Curse into a Blessing
2 Samuel 6:6-12 The Curse and Blessing of God’s Special Presence
Matthew 5:1-10 Jesus’ Blessings upon His Disciples
Matthew 25:34-46 Blessings and Curses on the Day of Judgment
Galatians 1:8-9 The Curse of a False Gospel
Revelation 22:3 When the Curse Is No More

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