Belgic Confession Series

This series is based upon the Belgic Confession, one of our creedal documents. 

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Introduction What Has the Belgic to Do with the Christian?
Article 1 God Has Revealed Himself (I): Who is God?
Article 1 God Has Revealed Himself (II): God Transcendent
Article 1 God Has Revealed Himself (III): God Immanent
Article 2 How Man Can Know God
Article 3 The Nature of God’s Word
Article 4 Where Is God’s Word?
Article 5 The Authority of God’s Word
Article 6 God’s Words & Man’s Fiction
Article 7 The Final Word
Article 8 Of Distinction and Unity in the Trinity
Article 9 The Scripture’s Testimony of the Trinity
Article 10 Jesus Christ Is True Eternal God
Article 11 The Holy Spirit Is True, Eternal God
Article 12 God Has Created All Things
Article 12 A Christian Theology of Angels
Article 13 The Providence of God
Article 14 The Creation and Fall of Man
Article 15 The First Sinner and His Relationship to Sinners
Article 16 God’s Election of Sinners
Article 17 God’s Restoration of Fallen Man
Article 18 The Divine Incarnation
Article 19 The Unity between the Human and Divine Natures of Christ
Article 20 Justice and Mercy Are Perfectly Fulfilled in Christ
Article 21 Jesus, Our Offering for Sin
Article 22 Our Justification in Christ Is by Faith Alone
Article 23 Holding Fast to Christ, Our Righteousness
Article 24 The Sanctification of God’s People
Article 25 The Place of God’s Law in the Christian Life
Article 26 Christ, Our Intercessor
Article 27 The Catholic Church of Christ
Article 28 The Bond between the Christian and Christ’s Church
Article 29 Identifying the True and False in Christ’s Church
Article 30 The Government of Christ’s Church
Article 31 The Officers of Christ’s Church
Article 32 The Authority of Christ’s Church
Article 33 The Sacraments of Christ’s Church
Article 34 Baptism in Christ’s Church
Article 35 Supping in Christ’s Church
Article 36 The Governing Authorities Are Appointed by God
Article 37 The Return of the Lord

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