Christ Jesus Came Into the World to Save Sinners (2)

MIS85-2TAs a follow up to this post I wanted to note that Rosaria Butterfield and the pastor who (by God’s providence) led her to Christ have recently been interviewed here. As Mrs. Butterfield states in the interview, the book that resulted from her conversion was written for believers. As I noted, you would do well to purchase it and read it. You may also view more resources at her website:

Despite all this, I would caution us from being too captivated by this story and the ‘media’ that arisen as a result of her conversion. Now don’t misunderstand me: I do not doubt that Mrs. Butterfield’s conversion is of God, nor do I think she has done anything wrong by writing a book and promoting it. In fact I think she is doing a service to and for the Christian community and I applaud her for it. Rather, I caution the reader from being entranced by a conversion account, instead of the God who saves. We are to give glory to God for His Son, whom He has sent into this world to save fallen, wrecked and ruined people (you and I). In light of that, all His conversions are glorious and worthy of praise. Why, don’t the angels praise God every time even
just one sinner is saved? (Luke 15:10) We can and should do no less.


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