Blogging with Bavinck

I recently celebrated finishing a reading project that took me over two years to finish. “Celebrate?” you say. “Shouldn’t you be embarrassed for having taken so long to read the book?” Well, I took my time and it was worth it.

I finished reading Herman Bavinck’s 4 volumes of “Reformed Dogmatics.” Along the way I took copious notes (mostly quotes) of matters that interested me. And now I am ready to share them with you.

“Share with you?” you say. “Why would you want to share with us from a work that was published over a hundred years ago? What does it have to do with us today? And how can I benefit from that?”

Well, besides Bavinck himself being a brilliant thinker and the best theologian the Reformed churches have produced (since John Calvin), I think there is another reason for me to write about his thoughts on this blog.

As a pastor, I have a duty to read and study theology. But I don’t just do this for myself: I do this for the church. My studies are your studies; my gains are your gains; my growth is your growth. I agree with Augustine who said to his own flock:

I go to feed so that I can give you to eat. I am the servant, the bringer of food, not the master of the house. I lay out before you that from which I also draw my life.’ As he told Jerome, he could never be a ‘disinterested’ Biblical scholar: ‘If I do gain any stock of knowledge (in the Scriptures), I pay it out immediately to the people of God. (from Peter Brown’s Augustine of Hippo, pg. 249)

So will you join me in learning more about God’s Word through Bavinck’s efforts? We will regularly post a quotation or a meditation from his “Reformed Dogmatics” on this blog (aiming at once a week – this is our first post).


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