Could it be said any better?

Martin Luther tells us about our sin & God’s grace:

If you want to know how to become holy and do good – which is a common question – I have said in answer that the first and foremost thing to know is that a man cannot become holy or do good of himself but that he must despair of himself, forget about his own actions, deplore his own worthlessness in the eyes of god, and call upon divine grace, in which he should firmly trust. And he who teaches and seeks another beginning than this, errs and misleads himself as well as others as they do who say: Why, you have a free will. Do the best you can. God will do His part. They think we should not drive people to despair. Of course, we should not drive people to despair; but despair must be properly understood. Of God’s grace no one should despair; rather we should firmly rely on God’s help despite all the world, despite our sin. However, we should completely despair of ourselves and in no way depend on our own free will to do even the smallest work. (quoted from “What Luther Says”, by Ewald M. Plass)


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