You’ve got interrogatives? We’ve got declaratives.

I would like to begin a new series of post that are rather ‘open ended’. I am inviting you, the reading & viewing public, to ask questions of a biblical, ethical, pastoral and theological nature. The corny name I have chosen is ‘Question Corner’.

You can submit your query via our contact form or e-mail me, Pastor Daniel Kok, directly at pastorkok at gmail dot com. We will not publish your name if you choose to remain anonymous. Please indicate this in your responses otherwise I will (only) use your first name in the post. I will try to answer your questions in a timely fashion and inform you if I believe that I am unable to answer them.

And sorry, I won’t advise you on what kind of cat you should get or how to get ketchup stains out of your favorite shirt. Questions of such a nature are not my area of expertise¬† (though admittedly I would be more comfortable with advising you on what kind of shirt you should get or how to get ketchup stains out of your favorite cat).


3 thoughts on “You’ve got interrogatives? We’ve got declaratives.

  1. 1. Many Pastors at funerals openly say that the congregate at this persons funeral has gone to Heaven and is in the presence of Jesus. How can one really know that to be true? how does a Pastor know the HEART of the congregate? I hear this at reformed funerals as well. No one knows the heart of man { really } except God alone. Only the person themselves know of saving Grace in { their own } heart. Does scripture have anything to say about another person telling others he/she has gone to Heaven? [I realize the confessing of sin / accepting Jesus as their Saviour….but the heart?]
    2.Is the word ” Reverend”…irreverent? Where did the word come from and why do some use it in churches and some do not…some ministers like it and some don’t? a Pastor recently told me NOT to call him ‘Dominee’ [dutch for Reverend?] because of its implications meaning ‘domineering’ he says.

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