Just a Thought

As I was preparing for tonight’s sermon on the Ascension of Christ I came across an interesting thought from J.A. Alexander’s commentary on Acts (which is an excellent commentary by the way – it is part of the Geneva Series of Commentaries published by the Banner of Truth).

Many commentators state that the “two men” of Acts 1:10 are angels, which of course, is a fair assumption to make. However, Mr. Alexander tells us:

a still more striking supposition, which I owe to the suggestion of a friend, is that these two men were Moses and Elijah, who had been present at the transfiguration, and there talked with Jesus of his exodus about to be accomplished at Jerusalem (Luke 9:31.) There is something sublime in the idea, that the great prophetic Legislator and Reformer, who had come from heaven to be present at the momentary anticipation of the Mediator’s glory, now appeared again as witnesses of his departure to take final and perpetual possession of it.

He notes that this should be regarded as mere conjecture but I believe it to be worthy of some meditation.


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