Christ Our Righteousness

We look at 1 Timothy 1:15 in our morning service as we consider the Heidelberg Catechism’s concluding words on the Ten Commandments (LD 44, Q&A 114-115). Calvin comments on this verse:

“Our mind is always impelled to look at our worthiness; and as soon as our unworthiness is seen, our confidence sinks. Accordingly, the more any one is oppressed by his sins, let him the more courageously betake himself to Christ, relying on this doctrine, that he came to bring salvation not to the righteous, but to “sinners.”

The ‘strictness’ of the Ten Commandments point us to Christ who has fulfilled all righteousness for us. Thus we may, with confidence, pursue God’s will in our life knowing that our salvation does not depend upon our performance. We who are free in Christ by faith alone will more and more desire holy living before God “until we attain the goal of perfection after this life.” (HC, Q&A 115)


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